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Love the look of plants but lack a green thumb? Add hassle-free greenery to your home using artificial plants! Use a stylish plant stand to keep your fake plants looking oh-so chic or choose a hanging plant for vertical style that’s sure to wow.

Artificial plants make your home feel welcoming without the commitment of keeping a real plant alive. You’ll create less mess with artificial plants than you would with living plants, forget about loose soil or spilled water in the home. In addition to the low-maintenance appeal of artificial plants, you can also choose non-native designs without worrying about affecting the ecosystem.

Leaving artificial plants in the corner isn’t doing them or your home justice. Stylish and sleek plant stands give your plants (artificial or otherwise) a chic home within your space. Most plant stands are made up of open shelves of varying heights so that you can store multiple plants together, all nicely visible. Natural-toned plant stands help carry an understated aesthetic to go with the look of plants in the home. Wooden plant stands are also a good choice when you want to place living plants on a plant stand as they not only complement the look but won’t rust from water leakage when you water your plants.

The size of the plant stand you choose depends on the size of your artificial plants. An artificial tree for example, won’t need a plant stand at all. But artificial flowers can look nice grouped together. Decide if you want a plant that stands tall by itself, on a tall plant stand, or if you want a wide spread of plants on a wider plant stand. Why not try both? A taller plant next to a short artificial cactus can create a fun, dynamic contrast that’s sure to impress guests.

There are plenty of options when it comes to artificial plants and plant stands in your home. Find the combination that works best for you at Fantastic Furniture

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